Twitter usage up 3.5% week over week: Elon Musk

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New Delhi: Elon Musk shared numbers on the increase in “Total User Active Seconds” on Twitter, noting that global usage was up 3.5 percent week over week. “Platform usage up 3.5 percent week over week,” he tweeted late Friday, along with an attached image showing Twitter usage data. According to the data he shared on the site, the majority of active users — about 87 percent of people — are using the platform on mobile.

Individually, the UK saw a 7.2 percent increase in total user active seconds on the platform, followed by Japan (with 5.7 percent). Seeing Japan’s numbers so high, one user commented on Musk’s post: “Is Twitter really bigger in Japan than in the US?”

To which he replied: “Yes, about three times the per capita consumption of the United States.” Another user commented: “Wow. Mobile is 87.6 percent of active seconds. If so, I suggest prioritizing mobile development over desktop.”

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Meanwhile, Twitter has launched a new ad revenue sharing program for creators and has also started paying large sums of money.

“We are taking to an initial group of people who will be invited to receive payments,” the platform announced.

On Twitter, many creators shared how much money they received from the micro-blogging platform through the new program. One creator received $37,050, while another creator received $11,820. One creator even received $69,420 through the ad revenue program.

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