Jewelery Owner Loses 2 Lakh In A Fake Payment Screenshot Scam Here Is What Happened How To Remain Safe

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Fake Payment: The trend of UPI payment or online payment has increased rapidly and today everyone likes to travel without purse and cash. Whether it is tea worth Rs 10 or goods worth lakhs, today people pay for everything online. By the way, this method is also safe and easy, but in this digital age, people have taken a break from it too. Actually, people are going crazy by showing the status of fake payment. In a recent incident, a swindler showed a fake screenshot of payment for ‘buying’ gold coins and robbed a jewelery store owner of Rs 2 lakh.

don’t make this mistake

According to a PTI report, a man entered a jewelery shop in Gurugram on Friday and bought gold coins worth Rs 2 lakh. When it came to payment, he referred to online payment and transferred the money to the given account number and showed the screenshot to the store owner. The store owner had given the person her husband’s bank details. After some time when the store owner saw the bank statement, no such payment was made in it.

Anuradha, the owner of the jewelery store, said in the police complaint that her husband Mukesh Kumar was in the hospital at that time. She had given her husband’s bank account number for payment. The buyer sent him a screenshot of the payment on WhatsApp and said that the payment was successful. But later when the woman checked the account, she came to know that no such payment has been made in the account.

Actually, what happened was that the person sent a fake transaction slip to the woman which may have been made by him with the help of an app. That’s why always check the status of payment in your account while taking online payment, only then give the goods to the buyer. Nowadays many such apps have come which can trick you in this way and in reality that payment would not have come in your account.

Pay attention, don’t believe any excuses like screenshot or making payment outside the shop and give the goods only when the payment comes in your account. Install a payment receiving speaker for your convenience so that you can get instant updates.

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