Twitter Revenue Drops Elon Musk Says Need To Reach Positive Cash Flow Before We Have The Luxury

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Twitter negative cash flow: Twitter was bought by Elon Musk last year. After taking over Twitter, the company has faced many problems. In this, the main advertisers had to leave the platform. In fact, after Musk’s takeover, questions were being raised about content regulation on Twitter and advertisers said that they do not want their ads to appear next to inappropriate content. Due to the departure of advertisers, Twitter has suffered a huge loss in revenue. Despite several attempts, when Musk could not bring advertisers back to the platform, he made Linda Yacarino the CEO of the company. Linda Yacarino was the head of the advertising team at NBC and was responsible for all revenue generation.

Luxury tea is a thing of the past – Musk

However, even after bringing Linda Yacarino, Twitter has not been able to bring back all its advertisers. As proof of this, the cash flow of the company is still negative. Elon Musk said in a tweet that Twitter’s cash flow remains negative due to a nearly 50% decline in advertising revenue and heavy debt burden. He said this while replying to a tweet. In the tweet, Musk further wrote that – before achieving anything else, we need to reach positive cash flow.

Twitter made this announcement to woo content creators

Twitter wants to bring more and more content creators on the platform. The company announced that it will share some part of the earnings from Ads with popular content creators. At present only a few people are being paid. To get the money, the user’s account should have more than 5 million tweet impressions every month in the last 3 months. Apart from this, there are many things which the Twitter user has to keep in mind.

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