Meta Announces Rate Limit For Threads Due To Increasing Spam Elon Musk Reacted Copycat

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Threads Rate Limit: Twitter has put a daily limit on the platform. Under this, users can see only limited posts in a day. After Twitter, now Mark Zuckerberg is also going to put rate limit in his Threads app. Instagram head Adam Mosseri shared this information through a thread post. At present, the company has not imposed any limit, but it may be imposed soon. Adam Mosseri said in the threads post that they are imposing rate limits on the platform due to increasing spam attacks. This step can reduce the number of active users on the app.

In the thread post, Adam Mosseri wrote that- Spam attacks have increased, so we are imposing rate limits on the platform. This may reduce the number of active users. He wrote that if anyone faces it, then let us know. Earlier this month, Elon Musk imposed a daily limit on Twitter to reduce data scraping and spam. On Twitter, verified users can see 10,000 posts in a day, unverified people can see 1,000 posts and newly added unverified users can only see 500 posts in a day. After the limit is reached, you will not be able to update Twitter. That is, you will not see new feeds.

Elon Musk reacted on threads

Alan Musk has reacted laughingly to the decision to impose rate limits on threads. He wrote- Lmao copy cat. This is because Twitter has already imposed rate limit and now Mark is following it. Even before this, Meta had started the verified program under the supervision of Twitter. Like Twitter, now people can buy blue ticks by paying money on Facebook and Instagram.

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