Cyber ​​Security: Demand for Skilled Professionals Rises, Know What They Do?

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Cyber ​​security opportunities : The expansion of information technology in the world has opened many doors of new opportunities in the information technology sector and their demand is increasing day by day. A survey found that the top jobs include IT Auditor, Network/IT Security Engineer/Specialist, Information Security Analyst, Security Testing/Penetration Tester and Computer Forensic Analyst with a basic salary of 3 to 6 lakhs. 50 to 80 lakhs per year can be earned by acquiring skills in this field.

Why is the demand for cyber security professionals high?

Cybercrime now represents more than one percent of GDP, and it is estimated that global cybercrime costs will reach $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. Amid the ongoing wave of cybercrime, it’s easy to see why the demand for cyber security professionals, especially ethical hackers, is so high. As cyber attacks are on the rise, more and more companies are hiring ethical hackers to thwart cybercriminals.

What is ethical hacking?

When we hear the word hacking, the first thing that comes to our mind is a criminal act. However, ethical or white hat hackers use their skills to find and fix security vulnerabilities in computer systems. Ethical hackers are good people in the world of hacking. In addition to using their advanced computer skills to commit nefarious cyber crimes, ethical hackers help businesses and organizations around the world find their computer and digital security vulnerabilities and take the necessary steps to protect them from hackers.

Cyber ​​security is a promising area

According to a report, 40,000 jobs are available in cyber security in India by May 2023. Statistics show that only 30 thousand people are working in the cyber security sector in the country. The number of these professionals has certainly increased over the years, but the industry still needs them. Under such circumstances, cyber security is a field full of possibilities for those interested in technology. With the increasing use of online services and increasing reliance on technology, incidents of cyber attacks and data breaches have also become common. The demand for cyber security professionals in the country is constantly increasing to avoid data tampering or manipulation and to deal with the threat of cyber security breaches.

Must have interest in technical field

If you love to learn and understand the latest technology, appreciate innovation and advancements in the world of computing, and enjoy a challenge, then a career in ethical hacking can be an exciting prospect. In this case, after getting permission from the company you work for, you get a chance to use your skills to hack their computer systems and networks and for doing this, you also get good money.

Why ethical hackers are needed?

Companies allow ethical hackers to hack into their infrastructure to find and fix security flaws. Before someone outside misuses it. Apart from general education like graduation there are other qualities that are expected from a professional ethical hacker. These include strong problem solving skills, ability to work under pressure, eagerness to learn, knowledge of various operating systems, good understanding of networking, basic technical and programming skills. Apart from this, you can take courses like Diploma in Ethical Hacking, Certified Ethical Hacker to acquire the necessary skills. With cyber attacks and crime on the rise, government agencies, financial institutions and companies are hiring experienced ethical hackers to keep their data safe. The starting annual average salary of cyber security analysts can range from Rs 2.8 lakh to Rs 12 lakh depending on the experience of the employee.

This area is for you

Students who have passed 12th with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics from a recognized institution can enter this field by pursuing a certificate or diploma course in cyber security. If you want to go far in this field, it would be better to do B.Tech/BE in Computer Engineering or Computer Science or IT. There is also an option to do M.Tech in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Network Engineering/IT/Cyber ​​Security/Information Security and Computer Forensics after graduation. Not only science, there are opportunities for arts and commerce students in this field, if they have the ability to know advanced technology, think logically and understand the root of the problem.

Skills that will pave the way for advancement

Apart from professional degrees and courses, some soft skills will prove helpful in cyber security. You need to stay updated with new technologies used to solve cyber security problems. Be aware of tools developed to assist security professionals. Prepare yourself to face a variety of issues related to the digital space. Must develop basic computer forensics skills. Strong communication skills are also required to communicate with the company and its related organizations.

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