Scammers Can Steal Your Money Using Barbie And Oppenheimer Movies

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Be careful if you use the internet. You can get caught in the upcoming Hollywood movie Barbie and Oppenheimer and your account can be empty. Fraudsters in the name of Margot Robbie’s movie Barbie and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer are stealing the earnings and personal data of the users. Cyber ​​security firm Kaspersky has alerted users about this.

Such users get trapped

Kaspersky has said that the target of fraudsters are especially such users who are very excited around the release of the film. Fraudsters have only one objective, to cheat those users and get their money and personal data wrongly. One of the detected cyber scam pages lured users with a special offer on Barbie doll coinciding with the release of the film, reported IANS.

doll is encouraged to buy

In addition to the standard Barbie doll, users are encouraged to buy limited edition dolls associated with the film, such as lead actress Margot Robbie, for around £12 sterling. After deciding what to buy, users are redirected to a purchase form, which requires personal identity details such as name, address, phone number and banking information. Many times users unknowingly send their money and personal information to fraudsters without thinking.

Fraud requests a nominal fee

According to the report, fraudsters often use this strategy in such situations, requesting a nominal fee of one dollar or one euro for registration. To proceed with the registration, they need to link the bank card, which leads to unauthorized and canceling debits from the user’s account.

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