OnePlus 12 First Look, Leaked Camera Design and Many Things

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The discussion of OnePlus’ upcoming new smartphone OnePlus 12 is hot. Actually, the first look of this smartphone has come to the fore. Some information related to this handset has been leaked. It is believed that this will be the next flagship smartphone of the company. There is still a lot of time for the release of this phone, but some things have come to the fore regarding the camera and design.

What came to the fore about the design

According to the news, according to the latest leaked information, the design of the phone has been shown from the front and back in the leaked render of OnePlus 12. Smart Prix has shared this information in collaboration with OnLeaks. It has been said that these renders have been developed using real life images of a trial unit prototype. There are a total of four photos in it that show the design of the OnePlus 12, which shows what the OnePlus 12 actually looks like.

Handset shown in black color

According to the leaked report, OnePlus 12 is seen in black color with glossy finish. Although the company can present it with more colors at the time of launching. Looking at these photos that surfaced, it seems that it is quite different from the current OnePlus 11 in terms of design. Although the large circular camera module seen in the rear is similar to the OnePlus 11. In OnePlus 12, the LED flash in the camera module seems to have been shifted to the left corner.

Selfie camera in the center of the display

If you look at the selfie camera in OnePlus 12, it appears to be in the center of the display. According to the leaked images, the alert slider and power button are present on the right edge. According to the news of 91mobiles, there will be no major change in the design of OnePlus 12, yes with some changes this product can definitely come in the market. As of now, no other information has come to the fore.

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