Twitter Now X List Of 12 Companies That Changed Their Names

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Twitter is Now X: The microblogging platform which we all knew by the name of Twitter has now been renamed as X. However, now this platform is not even microblogging because Musk has increased the limit to 25,000 characters. The new name and logo of the company has gone live since yesterday. Today in this article, we are going to tell you about those companies which changed their name over time and today they are popular among people by other names. Actually, any company changes its name so that it can create a new impression among the people and increase its brand value. Sometimes it is difficult to pronounce, remember and understand the name of the company, due to which companies change their name.

These are the companies that changed their names over time

Today, the e-commerce website from which most people like to shop, had a different name earlier. Actually, the e-commerce website that we know today by the name of Amazon, its name used to be Cadabra earlier. Similarly, eBay was earlier known as Auction Web. Social media giant Meta was earlier called Facebook. Tech joint and search engine Google was earlier known as BackRub. Similarly, Instagram was known as Burbn, Netflix as Kibble, Pepsi as Brad’s Drink, Snapchat as Picaboo, Starbucks as Cargo House, Dating app Tinder as Matchbox, Playboy as Stag Party and Nike as Blue Ribbon Sports.

Amazon: Cadabra
eBay: Auction Web
Facebook: meta
Google: BackRub
Instagram: Burbn
Netflix: Kibble
Pepsi: Brad’s Drink
Snapchat: Picaboo
Starbucks: Cargo House
Target: Goodfellow
Tinder: Matchbox
Playboy Stag Party
Nike: Blue Ribbon Sports

On changing the name of the company, Elon Musk told in a tweet that Twitter was bought by X Corporation so that people could write freely in it, as well as this app would provide them everything they need. Musk further said that the name Twitter looked good when its character limit was 140, then it seemed as if a bird was tweeting again and again. But now in X platform people can write long posts as long as they want and can also upload videos of hours. Elon Musk said that in the coming times, new methods of communication and new features related to the financial world will be introduced in X so that the user experience is better. He said that the Twitter word does not fit in new things, so the company has said goodbye to the bird.

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