What did CEO Linda Iaccarino say about Twitter becoming X?

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Twitter New Logo X: Social media Twitter has changed its logo. As part of the change, the blue bird has been dropped from Twitter, replaced by the ‘X’ (x) logo. A new black-and-white logo is now visible on Twitter’s website and accounts. Twitter owner Elon Musk tweeted that the new logo had gone live. Musk bought Twitter last year for $44 billion. After that, he made many changes to the platform. It only took 24 hours for Twitter to change its logo. Two days ago, Musk asked his 149 million followers to suggest a logo and choose a logo.

Twitter CEO Linda Iaccarino said…

Alan Adamson, co-founder of Twitter’s marketing advisory firm Metaforce, said the change isn’t surprising given the mask’s association with the letter “X.” Twitter CEO Linda Iaccarino said AI-powered X will connect us in ways we’ve only begun to imagine. He said Twitter has changed the way we communicate, now X will go ahead and change city squares worldwide.

Musk has an old association with ‘X’

Elon Musk’s association with the letter ‘X’ dates back to 1999. At that time he founded an online banking company called X.com. Then it merged with another company. It is now known as PayPal. Musk’s rocket company ‘Space Exploration Technologies Corp’ is commonly known as ‘SpaceX’.

X.com is now directly integrated with Twitter.com

X is now visible on the company profile on Twitter. After that, when users open Twitter, Twitter will open directly with the X logo, where the X is now visible in place of the bird man. Mask X.com links directly to Twitter.com. That is, typing x.com will take you directly to Twitter’s website.

With AI, ‘X’ will be better, with many benefits

With the new changes in Twitter, users will gradually get many new things to do. Apart from audio, video, messaging, the microblogging platform will also have functions like banking and online payments. It will emerge as a global marketplace for new opportunities, ideas, products and services. The company will make Twitter i.e. X better through artificial intelligence i.e. AI. It is believed that new app threads will now face a tough challenge.

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