Twitter Vs Threads Features That Elon Musk Platform Lacks

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Twitter vs Thraids: Meta launched the Threads app on 6 July. The app has crossed 100 million userbase and Twitter is getting tough competition from it. Because this app is new now, it does not have as many features as Twitter, but it has some features that Twitter has not been able to provide to its users in years. Threads also do not have the option of important features of Twitter like hashtags, trending search, DM etc. Although Meta told people that the company will soon bring updates to the app and they will get many new features.

Twitter does not have these 6 features of threads

  1. In Twitter you can post only 4 photos and videos at the moment whereas in threads you can post 10 photos and videos like Instagram
  2. If you are upset with someone on Twitter, then you get the option of block and unfollow to get rid of it. While in threads, apart from these two, the company gives the option of Restrict, so that you can distance yourself from that person without informing them. By turning it on, you will not get any update related to that person.
  3. Take a Brake option is available in threads. In this, you can choose a time after which you have to distance yourself from the app. But this is not the case with Twitter and no such option is available in it.
  4. Notifications sometimes bother us. In threads, the company gives the option to stop notifications for some time. You can stop notifications for a maximum of 8 hours. No such feature exists in Twitter.
  5. Because Threads is linked to Instagram, so you can share the post in Threads and Instagram Story in one click. Not so with Twitter.
  6. Login to Threads is easy. Even the first time login is very simple and this app automatically takes all the information from Instagram. Although the login in Twitter is tough in comparison because it is an individual app.

New features will come soon in threads

Some time ago Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has promised in a thread post that many such features which are missing in the app and will help in competing with Twitter will be added soon. This includes a timeline that shows posts from people you follow, a button to edit posts, and the ability to search for posts. The update to edit the post will be especially important because this feature is paid on Twitter. Means only blue tick users get it.

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