World Emoji Day 2023: Why is World Emoji Day Celebrated? Find out what is special about this day

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World Emoji Day 2023: Many people may not know about this day ‘World Emoji Day’, but every year on July 17 World Emoji Day is celebrated as What do you mean by emoji? Whenever you’re talking to someone in a chat and digitally using smiling, crying and sad faces to show your facial expressions, it’s called an emoji. These emojis help us a lot to show and express our facial expressions. Using this emoji while messaging has now become a habit. It has become essential to have one or more emojis with every text message. Some people can’t talk without emojis. These emojis look great and are fun to use. So let’s know some interesting facts related to this day.

Why is World Emoji Day celebrated on July 17?

As we told you earlier that today i.e. 17th July is celebrated as World Emoji Day. But why so? Often times whenever something is first discovered, the day is attached to its name to commemorate it. However, this is not the case with World Emoji Day. The main reason behind this discovery was that whenever people message each other on Facebook, there should be a sound that the message has been received. Later it started to be used a lot and people started using it without text messages.

Which emoji is used the most?

We probably don’t need to answer this question for you. You already know the answer to this. But, even then, in case you’re wondering, let us tell you that it’s not just any other emoji, but an emoji that laughs and cries. You may also know this emoji as tear of joy emoji. This emoji has a smiley face with tears falling from its eyes. This emoji is used for anything funny. Sometimes it is also used to solve language problems.

Google and SBI also celebrated World Emoji Day

The importance of World Emoji Day has grown so much that now many big organizations have also started celebrating it. Tech giant company Google, banking sector SBI and Apple are also celebrating today as World Emoji Day. Google and Apple are showing calendar icons on July 17 as World Emoji Day. In this calendar icon you can see the date 17th July. On the other hand, while celebrating World Emoji Day, SBI is asking its customers to avoid cyber fraud.

World Emoji Day Message

  1. Today is World Emoji Day! Let’s embrace the colorful world of emojis and celebrate how they connect us across cultures and languages. Express yourself creatively and remember, sometimes an emoji can speak louder than words.

  2. On this World Emoji Day, let’s appreciate the role of emojis in our digital interactions. They bridge distance, overcome language barriers and add a touch of personality to our messages. So, keep using emojis and keep the world connected!

  3. Wishing you a wonderful World Emoji Day! Emojis have revolutionized the way we communicate, transcending language barriers and increasing connection. Let’s continue to use emojis to spread happiness, understanding and unity around the world.

  4. Happy World Emoji Day to all emoji lovers around the world! Let’s celebrate the versatility of emojis that can express a wide range of emotions from joy and excitement to sadness and love. Keep the emoji language alive and express yourself with these small but powerful symbols!

  5. Happy World Emoji Day! Let’s celebrate the wonderful world of emojis that have become the universal language of emotion. Whether you’re happy, sad, excited or in love, there’s an emoji to express it. So, let’s continue using emojis to spread happiness and positivity everywhere!

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