X New Record: Made 10 Crore Users In Just One Hour, Threads Slips On Number Two, Check Details

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What did Elon Musk change the logo of Twitter, new users joined in record numbers. X added 100 million users in just 1 hour. Earlier, Meta’s new app Threads was at number one, which has now slipped to number two. In fact, Musk (elon musk) has announced on July 24 to remove Twitter’s earlier blue bird logo (Twitter logo change) and implement the new logo X (X). After this, in a few days that blue bird will become history. After the announcement of this change, users are very fast connected to X.

Who made 100 million users in how much time

According to the Twitter handle of World of Statistics, Thedas took 5 days to add 100 million users. AI platform ChatGPT is now on the third number, which took 2 months to add 100 million users. Apart from this, it took Tik Tok 9 months, Instagram 2 years 6 months, myspace.com three years, WhatsApp three years 6 months to bring together 100 million users. Let us tell you that LinkedIn took the maximum time of 7 years and 11 months.

these four have dominated

Four social media platforms – Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram – have at least 2 billion monthly active users. According to World of Statistics, Line is the most popular social media platform in Japan, with a share of 82.5 percent. After this, X (X) has a share of 53 percent, Instagram 49.5 percent, Facebook 24.8 percent, Tik Tok 18 percent and iMessage 16.4 percent.

Meta recently launched a new app Threads to compete with Twitter. Meta also got to see its advantage in the beginning. A large number of Twitter users have turned to threads. Today’s announcement by Elon Musk is probably the answer to this.

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