Apple’s Emergency SOS Via Satellite Saves Family Caught In Wildfires

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New Delhi: The iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS via Satellite feature helped save a family in Maui (an island in Hawaii, US) that was caught in a wildfire spreading across the region. Michael Miraflor, a user on X (formerly Twitter) said that five people related to his brother’s girlfriend were caught in a vehicle in Maui after the wildfires surrounded them.

There was no cell service available at their location, so they used Emergency SOS to communicate with first responders. (Also Read: Love & Profits: Turn Your Passion For Pairing Hearts Into Earnings And Earn Upto Rs 50,000 Per Wedding)

“My brother’s girlfriend’s cousin and his family were caught in their vehicle in Maui while the wildfires suddenly erupted around them. No cell service, so Apple Emergency SOS was the only way they could get in contact with first responders. Literally saved their lives,” he wrote. (Also Read: Unlock Your Future With OpenAI: Lucrative Opportunities Offer Chances To Earn Up To Rs 3.7 Crore Annually)

Miraflor also shared a screenshot of the entire Emergency SOS text chain, showing the local fire department and dispatchers in action. The family was found at the Outlets of Maui, a shopping mall in Lahaina near the fires.

In the text thread, the family’s current location was transmitted to the dispatcher, and they were able to communicate that they are surrounded by fire with no visibility and no way out due to blocked roads.

Firefighters were able to reach the family and safely evacuate them within 30 minutes because of the Emergency SOS via Satellite feature. Last month, the Emergency SOS via satellite feature on the iPhone helped to save two tourists who got lost in the mountains of Italy.

During an outing in the Apennine Mountains, the hikers got lost in an area without a cellphone signal, reports AppleInsider. Luckily, they had an iPhone 14 which provided them the option to call for help via a satellite text message.

They were then rescued by the local fire department.

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