From Professional Home To Heartfelt Reflections: Dell Layoffs Remind ‘Workplaces Aren’t Your Homes’, A Former Employee

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New Delhi: Dell Technologies is the latest major firm to join the layoffs spree. A few days back, the American multinational tech giant announced that the company will resize its sales team, and for this, many employees from the same team will be asked to leave. In mid of these, a former employee of Dell Technologies has shared a moving reflection in the wake of the company’s recent layoffs, stressing that “your workplace is not your home.”

While Dell had been her professional home for years, the former employee who worked there for 8 years emphasized that recent events had served as a reminder that our true homes are not our workplaces. (Also Read: Dreams Are Forever: Tale Of A Peon Who Used To Sleep In A Warehouse Became India’s 45th Richest Man With A Net Worth Of Rs 88,000 Crore)

The former Dell employee posted the following message on LinkedIn: “My heart goes out to so many close friends who had awful phone calls today. However, please take heart in the fact that neither Dell nor your next workplace will be your home. Let the people you love and those who return your love be in your house”. (Also Read: 10 Low Investment Online Business Ideas For Digital Age From Which You Can Make High Profit)

“I am at a loss for words tonight to describe how I feel about today. “Dell was my home for almost ten years, and the news that so many people, most without rhyme or reason, are being laid off today serves as a reminder that our home, as I just typed, is neither our company nor our work,” she continued.

“One of the greats, Dan Coombs, told me many years ago that work isn’t just about “loving what you do” – work is about doing what we need to do to bring home the money to do what we love… And those who enjoy their work and have enough money to pursue what they enjoy are doubly blessed (I am fortunate to fall into this category!)”.

According to a story published by CRN on Tuesday, Dell Technologies is planning to fire members of its key sales team. The company’s sales force would lose some of its members, and those affected would receive help from the business during the changeover.

It is not yet known if these layoffs are in addition to or a part of the over 6,500 job losses that the company announced earlier in February. 

“Some of our sales team members will be leaving the organisation. We don’t make these choices casually, and we’ll help the people affected move on to their next chance. In order to stay competitive and make sure we’re set up to provide the best innovation, value, and support to our customers and partners, we’re always evaluating our business, a Dell spokeswoman was cited as saying in the story.



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