Apple Announces RCS Support Coming On iPhones Next Year, Know What It Is – Explained

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New Delhi: Apple is reportedly planning to introduce RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging in iPhones next year with a software update alongside imessage and GSM SMS and MMS. The move comes amid pressure from competitors like Samsung and Google and pressure from regulators such as European Union.

The integration of RCS in iPhones would help in providing seamless and interoperable communication for cross-platform messages between iPhone and Android users. Currently, Apple uses own-developed iMessage and SMS/MMS protocols. Basically, RCS chats and iMessages are different messaging services. Conversation between someone with Google’s RCS chats and someone with Apple iMessage are sent through SMS/MMS.

Earlier, Apple was reluctant to adopt the RCS protocol in iPhones. Many reports quoted the Apple CEO denying any possibility of incorporating this technology into the company’s flagship phones.

What is RCS Protocol?

RCS which stands for Rich Communication Services provides an upgraded, rich messaging experience. When you use RCS chats, your messages are sent with the Rich Communication Services protocol over Wi-fi and mobile data. The feature in the technology includes:

Show you when someone is typing.

Offer read receipt, which show when someone has read or received your message.

Send messages over mobile data and Wi-Fi.

Let you share files and high-resolution photos.

These features are available when you send messages with SMS/MMS protocol. RCS chats will be turned on only when all the participants in a conversation have RCS.

How does RCS different from iMessage and SMS/MMS?

The protocol Apple has been using so far is iMessage and SMS/MMS. iMessage protocol is developed by Apple and allows to send texts, photos or videos to another iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac over Wi-Fi or mobile data networks. Until now, if Apple users have to send messages to other mobile phones apart from Apple’s, then they use SMS/MMS protocol.


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