From Market Analyst To Website Builder: How Developers Are Creating Useful Tools Using ChatGPT Builder

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ChatGPT Builder: OpenAI recently made a big move by letting developers create their own custom GPTs using the ChatGPT builder. This has gained a lot of popularity among developers in the past week. They’re excited about the idea of making custom GPTs for different purposes all around the world and hoping to make money from them when the GPT store becomes available.

These custom GPTs are being created by various creators and developers for a wide range of purposes, from market analysis to health information to even things like Spotify.

Just to recap, OpenAI announced last week that they are allowing all developers to use the GPT large language model to create these custom AI bots designed for specific purposes.

 “For example, GPTs can help you learn the rules to any board game, help teach your kids math, or design stickers,” OpenAI wrote in the blog.

Have a look at what kind of GPTs developers are creating worldwide:

Designer GPT

This GPT bot will help you to create and host beautiful websites in ChatGPT with the default support for dark mode.

tops: Spotify Explorer GPT

tops can give you detailed information about a track, user, artist, playlist or album. Users can get insights into songs and artists including their technical aspects like key, bpm as well cultural and historical contexts.

Nomad GPT

The GPT will give you answers regarding your queries on where to live and work remotely, on a specific budget, weather, and 1000s of other data points.

Healthy Chef GPT

The tool will help you to create recipes based on your dietary needs and get nutrition advisor built right into ChatGPT.

Market Analyst GPT

The tool will be helpful to those who is trying to find a pattern in charts. The AI assistant trained in technical analysis and charting PDFs that can visually analyse charts for patterns.

Drawn to Style

It’s an interesting tool as it will let you to transform drawings into artistic styles and describe them using ChatGPT.

It’s just a few examples. Driven by creativity and critical thinking, developers are creating different GPTs. 


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