The Next Full Moon is the Flower, Corn, or Corn Planting Moon

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As this lunar cycle progresses, Saturn and the background of stars will appear to shift westward each evening, while Mars will hover low on the eastern horizon, drifting slightly to the left. Mercury, rising after morning twilight begins, will also drift towards the left, moving closer each morning towards where the Sun is rising, making it more difficult to see as it shifts into the glow of dawn. The waning Moon will pass by Antares on May 24, Saturn on May 31, and Mars on June 2 and 3. On June 5, the thin, waning crescent Moon will appear near the Pleiades star cluster, with Jupiter and Mercury below. The Moon will rise 5 minutes after morning twilight begins. By the time Jupiter and Mercury rise, the sky will likely be too bright to see the Pleiades, and may be bright enough that you will need binoculars to see them (as well as a clear view of the east-northeastern horizon). After June 15 the bright planet Jupiter will join Mars and Saturn in the morning sky.

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